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Free Small Business Webinars


MBMentors regularly presents FREE small business webinars covering a variety of topics. From how to start a business, to growing your brand with the right sales and marketing strategies, to how to finance your business, check our schedule below for new programs.


HR Tips for a Small Business

May 31

9 am-10:30 am

Learn the top ten Human Resources tips for managing people in a small business.


As we go through each tip, you will learn the pluses, minuses, pitfalls, and "no-no’"s of hiring and managing performance.

Presented by Kathy Knipp of Knipp Consulting, a Minneapolis HR consulting firm.

Register today!

Dollar Bills

Managing Cash Flow

June 6

9 am-10:00 am

Want to make an important step toward successful small business ownership? Learning how cash is moving in and out of your business is a great step toward business success.


This webinar will go over basic cash flow concepts that can help get you started. Learn how to assess a cash flow cycle and make projections. How a cash flow statement can help you assess and improve the financial health of your venture.


This is a free webinar and part of the MONEY SMART for small business curriculum. 

How to Design a Pitch Deck

July 19

9 am-10:30 am

A pitch deck is a visual representation of an entrepreneur’s business plan.It's a presentation designed to persuade key decision makers to invest in your business. It gives a short summary of your company, your business plan and your startup vision. Additionally, if you are looking for investors - it’s how they will make money.


A well designed pitch deck clearly conveys what your business does (value proposition), why and how you will be successful and how investors will benefit. 

This session will teach you the basics of how to design a pitch deck.

How to Make an Elevator Speech

July 26

9 am-10:30 am

An elevator speech is a short statement designed to get the attention and interest of investors, potential customers, and other people important to your business. It explains in simple terms what you do, why you do it, how you’re unique, and why it’s important to the listener.


As a business owner you must have a concise message that tells prospective customers what your unique value proposition and how you can help them. For entrepreneurs the speech should present your business in a way that gets attention and makes a listener interested enough to say, “Tell me more.”


Join us for this informative session!

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