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Small Business
Resources & Links


We have culled together articles, web-links, downloads and other resources for your small business needs.

Linkedin Learning

For library card holders - Free access to LinkedIn Learning Formally Lynda Learning

Hennepin Elevate

Hennepin County businesses can take advantage of free resources at Elevate Business

One million cups

Share your business story with other entrepreneurs and small business owners at a 1 Million Cups weekly event. Apply to present your business here

If you're either thinking about, or have started a new business click here for links and information you can use.

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Marketing is a key to getting your business off the ground and growing year after year. Check here for ideas to grow your business.

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If you're in business, you have to know your financials. There are articles and resources to help you here.

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There are a lot of things to think about and do before you buy or sell a business. Here are some resources to help you.

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Running a non-profit is different than running a for profit business. Here are links to assist you.

Donation Boxes

For help with planning your business, check out the links and resources we have here. If you need a business plan, click here.

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If you need help with the legal start-up of your business there here are links and resources you can use.

 Scales of Justice

Need ideas for social media to get your message, brand, and products seen? Here are some ideas and links for you.

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Operations is how you run your business day-to-day. W have resources you can use. Check here for ideas and links to help.

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Buying into a franchise is a lot different than starting a new business. Know what to expect here.

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