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Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC

Professional Services Agreement

Terms of Mentoring Services



This Mentoring Agreement represents all terms and conditions of the contractual agreement between Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC located in Minneapolis, MN and the Client.   


Services Provided:  Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC will provide Mentoring Services to assist Client with their business.  There is no guarantee of successfully launching a new product or service.  Business success is not guaranteed or implied.


You understand our mentors are not providing advice pursuant to the authority of professional certifications or licenses that they may hold, and you will not treat information provided by our mentors as such.  


You further understand you are not entering into a relationship with our mentors that entitle you to client privileges that may be associated with any professional certifications or licenses that our mentors may hold.


We do not provide legal or tax advice.  


Compensation:  Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC is providing Mentoring Services Free/No Charge.  


Term:  Agreement starts on date of signing.  Agreement can be terminated by either party upon written notice (text, email or upon receiving other written notice).


No Liability:  Client understands and agrees that Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC will provide suggestions, ideas, opinions, and other information to the Client for mentoring and guidance only.  It is the sole responsibility of the Client to decide on all action(s) and related liability.  Minneapolis Business Mentors LLC will not be responsible for any outcome (positive or negative) related to the mentoring session(s) or follow up communication(s).


Severability: In the event any part of this agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall remain in full force and effect


Choice of Venue: Hennepin County District Court for the State of Minnesota shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any controversy or claim arising out this agreement that cannot be settled without court action.


Agreement/Contract:  This is the sole agreement between both parties.  No other agreements (verbal or written) remain in force.  Any changes must be made in writing and be signed by both parties.

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