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Small Business Advisory Council

If you are the CEO/President/Owner of a small business and are need of sounding board for your plans for growth, expansion, financing, acquisition, exit or other issues - MBMentors is the place to come!We will assemble a panel of advisors where you present your plans and you will get expert advice and feedback. Our Advisory Councils are made up of MBM members and other business owners who have expertise in your area of need. You'll also have an MBM Mentor to follow-up after presentation to provide ongoing coaching and support.
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Step 1:

You complete a one-page summary stating your purpose for coming to the Advisory Council. For example you are: seeking additional capital, looking for financing advise, positioning business for a sale, acquiring another company, expanding into a new market, relocating operation, offering a new product line or service, buying a new facility, etc. 

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Step 2:

With Step 1 accomplished, we'll set a date and time for you to present (live or via web). You will be assigned an advisor to help you prepare and you'll have 20 - 30 minutes to make your presentation to the MBM Advisory Council. The discussion will last approximately 60 minutes.

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Step 3:

Your plans will be evaluated using factors like:

  • Finances

  • Market conditions

  • Competition

  • SWOT analysis

  • Marketing and sales capabilities

  • TIming

You'll receive immediate and follow-up feedback.

The Benefits To You Include:

  • Receive unbiased insights and ideas from third-party point-of-view.

  • Find support in the exploration of new business ideas and concept

  • You can use the MBM Advisory Council on a one-time basis or receive ongoing support from MBMentors.

  • You will gain a better understanding of the market and industry trends.

  • Gaining ongoing support by an experienced mentor/facilitator.


To learn more, or set an appointment please contact

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