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Client Testimonials

Catherine Fenske

Business Owners

"I appreciated the ease of choosing my mentor and scheduling an appointment that worked with my schedule. I had an hour meeting over the phone with Jim Handy. He was exceptional and very insightful, providing me with clear direction. I definitely recommend this service."

Zachary Hurdle

Owner, The Switchboard Shop

"Incredible FREE mentoring experience from a highly knowledgeable group. Don't sleep on this excellent community resource.."

Lisa Carmichael


"I appreciate the time Paul spent with me today helping me find clarity to move my business forward. I'm looking forward to taking action from our discussion. Thank you so much!"

Rebecca McComas

Business Owners

"I am a business owner and have been a part of this peer-advising group for the past 4 years. Every month I look forward to our meeting to discuss our businesses and get honest, objective feedback from fellow members on issues I may be facing. I've received so much benefit from the facilitators (who are also advisors for MBM) and I strongly recommend that you take advantage of this service to help start your business or simply get advice about how to optimize your existing business. These advisors are experienced in business and are there to help you.."

Sterling Rector

Business Owner

"What good can I not say about MBM. First if you are looking to start a business or are a small business owner with any thoughts of having mentorship from a 3rd party contact them. I have had the opportunity to connect with three different individuals at MBM and all have been an extreme value. This is frankly a service having now experienced it a few times that I would gladly pay for. All of the gentlemen that I have worked with have been professional, cordial and offered valued insight and I greatly appreciate that. What I had hoped for but did not assume was how much they enjoy helping small business owners. In a short time I have received a great education on factors I should be considering. Thank you all for your time and your help I am so glad that I reached out to connect with MBM."

Ryan Stinson

Business Owners

"A great resource for business owners. Minneapolis Business Mentors have been instrumental in guiding our business and providing excellent feedback to the challenges we encounter. I would highly recommend for any entrepreneur interested in running a better company."

David Vaillencourt

President, GMP Collective

"Mentors have been invaluable to providing direction and accelerating my ability to grow a business in areas I did not even realize I was deficient in. Working with Art Shore & Ben Marcovitch of Minneapolis Business Mentors over the last several months has led me to think and organize my marketing material in a way that has allowed me to become more effective and successful than I thought possible. I hope others can discover the value that I am grateful to have come upon!"

Vanessa Brooks

Business Owner

"My business would not be successful without the mentorship from MInneapolis Business Mentors. Navigating business ownership comes with so many details. My mentor brought up many questions that I didn't even think about, and made sure that I was checking off all the boxes before opening my doors for business. Because of my mentor, my business plan was stellar and detailed perfectly that led to getting the SBA loan that I needed. I couldn't be more thankful...THANK YOU SO MUCH!


If you are thinking about starting a business, I highly recommend reaching out to Minneapolis Business Mentors, they have a wealth of knowledge and can help in so many ways."

Steve Johnson


"A terrific resource for any business, we met with Ben and Paul and they were extremely insightful. They went beyond our allotted time to answer all of our questions. I would encourage everyone to take advantage of this service, I know I will continue to use them!"