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Sterling Rector

Business Owner

"What good can I not say about MBM. First if you are looking to start a business or are a small business owner with any thoughts of having mentorship from a 3rd party contact them. I have had the opportunity to connect with three different individuals at MBM and all have been an extreme value. This is frankly a service having now experienced it a few times that I would gladly pay for. All of the gentlemen that I have worked with have been professional, cordial and offered valued insight and I greatly appreciate that. What I had hoped for but did not assume was how much they enjoy helping small business owners. In a short time I have received a great education on factors I should be considering. Thank you all for your time and your help I am so glad that I reached out to connect with MBM."

Vanessa Brooks

Business Owner

"My business would not be successful without the mentorship from MInneapolis Business Mentors. Navigating business ownership comes with so many details. My mentor brought up many questions that I didn't even think about, and made sure that I was checking off all the boxes before opening my doors for business. Because of my mentor, my business plan was stellar and detailed perfectly that led to getting the SBA loan that I needed. I couldn't be more thankful...THANK YOU SO MUCH!


If you are thinking about starting a business, I highly recommend reaching out to Minneapolis Business Mentors, they have a wealth of knowledge and can help in so many ways."

Gary Lindberg


"Utilizing the free services of Minnesota Business Mentors is like being able to see around the corner.  The diverse expertise of this group can help steer any small business into the right decisions, or out of the wrong ones.  Art Shore, Mark Chodosh and Bryan Sykora took the time to review my business plan, and then provided the level of feedback and guidance that only decades of real world experience can.  I feel much better prepared to launch my new commercial endeavor, and will come back to Minnesota Business Mentors for guidance as new challenges present themselves." 

Carrie Macea

Owner, Fit Club For Women

"Thank you Dennis and Bryan very much for the time you took on Friday to meet with me. It felt good to openly discuss my business with experienced professionals and to get outside of my own head! I appreciate your insight… and encouraging my thought process on what is most important for the business going forward.

David Vaillencourt

President, GMP Collective

"Mentors have been invaluable to providing direction and accelerating my ability to grow a business in areas I did not even realize I was deficient in. Working with Art Shore & Ben Marcovitch of Minneapolis Business Mentors over the last several months has led me to think and organize my marketing material in a way that has allowed me to become more effective and successful than I thought possible. I hope others can discover the value that I am grateful to have stumbled upon!"

Jesse Owings


"It is great to know that I am not alone in my entreprenurial journey. The team and my mentor Mark Chodosh at MBM are great business advisors in my efforts to bring a product to market."