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Tamelyn Peper




Tamelyn is a compelling business leader, with over 35 years of executive-level experience.


Prior to owning and running her own business, she held leadership positions in high tech organizations, ranging from a small start-up in the Silicon Valley, to becoming VP European Marketing for a $2B networking company.


Her roles have spanned sales, marketing, business development, and, ultimately, CEO of her own company. Tamelyn purchased a small, underperforming commercial construction business in 2008, executed a total turnaround, and grew it over 1500% during the ensuing 12 years. She successfully sold the business in 2020. Since then, she became an investment banker, and has been assisting business owners prepare for and exit their businesses.


Tamelyn has proven leadership, guiding organizations through both good times and tumultuous ones. Problem solving is one of her specialties and challenges motivate her. She is a strong proponent of having a written business plan and strategy and managing to it. She thoroughly enjoys working collaboratively with business owners who are motivated to grow their companies. Her approach is very straightforward and genuine.


  • Business strategy/planning

  • Problem solving

  • Business turnarounds

  • Business development

  • Succession planning

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

  • International business 

  • Business consulting, with particular focus on growth


  • B2B Solutions

  • High tech (software)

  • Commercial construction

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