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Our Sponsors

Sponsors & Partners

MBMentors volunteers are a diverse team of individuals brought together by the mission to advise and support entrepreneurs and small business owners with skills, experiences, knowledge, talents and abilities to help them start, guide and grow their businesses.


To achieve our mission, and with the exception of roundtables, we provide our services at no cost to clients. Our team members are driven by their desire to give back to the Minnesota business community by helping anyone who requests our services. Our goal is to help them succeed in their business ventures.

As a 5013c non-profit, we are financially sustained by the funds from sponsors who align with our mission of helping small businesses start, run and grow. Please consider becoming a sponsor. 

Shown below are our generous sponsors who make our work possible. We thank them and are grateful for their support.



We are in the business of helping people and their businesses.


Industrial Procurement Services (IndPro) works together with every client and guide them to procure the best possible solution for their application. IndPro exists because we are dedicated to improving efficiency in warehouse and distribution center operations.

Our team has been involved in the supply chain industry since the early 90’s; working as consultants, engineers, laborers, operations and leadership.  We have a range and depth of knowledge that surpasses other firms in our space.  However what sets us apart from others is our desire to help. We stand side by side with our clients, plan and implement best in class solutions designed to their specific application.  The closer the solution fits the specific parameters of the operation, the more impactful the improvement is to the company.  We accept that challenge every day, and deliver results.



Guided by our People First approach—we’re proud that our roots are local, decisions are local and our leadership is local. We focus on building strong relationships with our customers, by providing quick answers, access to decision makers, and solutions that actually work.

Business Services - We’re here to help you succeed!

From banking to insurance, and succession planning to employee benefits, we focus on building strong relationships with our clients by giving them quick answers, access to decision makers, solutions that actually work for them and a team of experts who genuinely care about their success.

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