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Ron Usem is a graduate of the University of Minnesota; a graduate of Cornell Law School; a private practice attorney; from 1972-1982 he was President of Imperial Airways Inc., a heavy lift aerial helicopter company operating in 32 states with 15 helicopters and 50 employees in the construction industry; from 1982 worked in private practice and then in 1995 assisted and became a partner with Huffman, Usem, Crawford & Greenberg, PA. Mr. Usem's practice was in transportation issues of  all types, related employment issues, and a wide variety of corporate transactions. Ron retired in 2019.



  • The representation of property brokers, freight forwarders, 3 PL's, motor carriers, shippers,receivers in the USA and Canada.

  • Negotiation, drafting and analysis of complex shipping contracts.

  • Risk analysis and review of insurance coverage, negotiation of insurance contracts.

  • Analysis and implementation of corporate structures to minimize liability risks.

  • Drafting, advising and enforcement of non-compete/ non-solicitation agreements, negotiation and drafting severance agreements, advising clients on difficult termination of employment issues.

  • Negotiation of equipment leases and other corporate contract matters including mergers and acquisitions.


  • Transportation

  • Human Resources

  • Construction

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