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Business Roundtables Minneapolis, MN

Business leaders learn valuable tips and information on their voyage to becoming successful entrepreneurs. Some of those tips might even be common knowledge to seasoned business owners.  

That is why Minneapolis Business Mentors (MBMentors) decided to sponsor free business roundtables.  The thought being that,  new and/or inexperienced Minneapolis business owners might find having their business related questions and opportunities addressed by members of the local community who have “lived” through their specific problems, a practical and interesting way to expand their knowledge base.

How do our free online business roundtables work?

Each of our free online business roundtables is facilitated by two MBMentors’ advisors. Due to COVID restrictions, the roundtables are currently live-online-only events that are approximately 60 minutes in length, focusing on one or more audience specified topics.


We create these online business roundtables to provide insight and dialogue with experienced entrepreneurs and business executives on the issues and opportunities they currently face. Here’s what you can expect from roundtable events:



All participants introduce themselves to the group and talk about their businesses. Each person has the opportunity to ask a question to the group or introduce a topic relating to the event’s theme.


Open discussions

The aim of our online business roundtables is to provide a forum where participants can freely discuss ideas and solutions in confidence.

Trusting environment

Our facilitators ensure the discussions are on-topic, confidential, and trustworthy. They will keep the group focused on business problems, equal participation, and an invaluable discussion.


How to participate

If you’d like to participate in a free online business roundtable hosted by Minneapolis Business Mentors, please use the following link: Roundtable Signup, or contact us directly at to discuss your needs further.

Our roundtables use the Zoom online video conferencing platform; you should be familiar with how Zoom works. When you register, you will receive an invitation. As a requirement, all participants will need to have their microphone and webcam turned on throughout the session.