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Welcome our new volunteers to the MBM team!

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Uday Anumalachetty is a seasoned international fitness industry executive with two decades of broad ranging leadership, business management and product development and innovation experience. Under his leadership as divisional vice president, FitnessOnDemand has cemented its position as an industry leader in the curation and provision of the world’s best fitness and wellness content, and it has seen continued growth across FOD’s domestic client portfolio of leading fitness centers, clubs, luxury multi-family residential developments, commercial campuses and the hospitality sector as well as seeing growth internationally with the appointment of business development leads in the United Kingdom and Australia.


Before joining FitnessOnDemand in 2017 to lead product design and development, Uday held senior positions in technology and product design in Minnesota and Colorado. He is a graduate of both the University of South Florida, where he received a master’s of science in electrical engineering and the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management, where he completed a master’s of business management.

Please welcome Uday to our team! 



Jill is retired from UnitedHealth Group. She spent 8 years in Finance as an accountant which included two general ledger implementations. The other 27 years were in roles of increasing responsibility across administrative operations, product development and clinical operations.


Jill will be our new bookkeeper working with Jerry Rudick.  Please welcome Jill!

Jill Lammer.png





Linda Rening, one of our newer members has designed online training for Roundtable Facilitators!


Using content developed by Jim Handy and with input from our current facilitators, Linda has done an outstanding job of designing quick, easy to use modules to learn the techniques of facilitating roundtables. To access the new modules click HERE.


Linda's now working on New Member Orientation and New Mentor training modules.

A huge thank you to Linda!


We have a couple of new resources for mentors to use with clients:


  1. Updated Elevate Hennepin Advisor List.  Entrepreneurs and small business owners can get up to 25 of free hours of advice and support from the advisors on the platform. The client's business must be based in Hennepin County to qualify.

  2. Grant/Community Resources for Small Businesses in Minnesota. The list was complied by our MEDA partners.

Both lists are on our Shared Google Drive. To access, make sure you are signed into Google with your MBM email account, then use the above links.

Client Feedback


We don't get a lot of client feedback, but when we do - we'll share it!

Magarita Jules is an SBA Development Officer with First Bank and Trust.  She's been a client of Julie Menten's for a couple of years and is a huge advocate of MBM.  She recently sent Julie an email about a client of hers that she recommended work with MBM.  The client, was assigned to Viju Monie and Jerry Rudick.  Here is the email Margarita sent to Julie:

"We received feedback today from a minority business owner…where in my eyes MBMentors has knocked it out of the park. She ran a laundromat in Africa…has negotiated a lease and invoiced equipment to do the here in the US. I urged her to work with MBMentors to get a feasibility report, work with anyone honestly…before she puts herself into any financial situation.

Exasperatedly she shares that MBMentors stresses she goes to the library to obtain demographic data and that she should account cultural differences when comparing her business from home vs here.


Tough advice for her to follow but music to my ears. I explained to her why MBMentors are mentioning these items and how they in the long run saves her thousands…she is now excitedly to go to the library…to ask what MBMentors advised and now a few additional questions I also brought up."

Great work & thank you!



Client Marcus Harcus recently gave MBM a 5-star review on Google!  Here's what he wrote:

"My experience with MBMentors has been truly wonderful. Bryan Sykora has been such an enthusiastic and encouraging mentor, I feel like we're becoming friends, and he's motivating me to make the progress I need to complete my business planning. Ben Marcovitch has also been delightful to work with and he's making what previously felt like a daunting process of producing the financial part of my business planning seem relatively easy. These two guys are a blessing to work with, and gaining their support gives me the confidence that I will realize my dreams in successfully raising the capital and starting up a winning business.


Working with MBMentors is a bonafide game changer for me life. Thank y'all very much!"

Thank you Bryan & Ben!



It's been a busy month for our team! Here are some updates of what's going on with MBMentors.



For the first time we are backlogged due to demand. Eight of our mentors are fully booked with clients well into April. Four are out indefinitely which leaves us with only four available to take on new clients. We do have two in training, which will provide help soon. Since the beginning of 2024, we've worked with 54 new clients. Thank you to George Koblas for juggling our clients and mentor assignments. 



Our facilitators continue to do a great job with our roundtables. CEO Next is halfway through the current year which ends in June and starts again in October. We want to thank Sahar Erickson for joining the CEO Next team to help out with a facilitator vacancy.  


We closed one of our MBM roundtables due to participant attendance issues. However, we are looking to recruit a new cohort in July and have other options for new roundtables in the works. Our Strategic Implementor Roundtable facilitated by Rebecca McComas and Bob Arnold continues go well.



In the first 3 months of 2024 we've conducted 11 Webinars with 126 participants. While we repeat a lot of the same programs, we continue to bring in new clients with every webinar we do. Thank you to Karen Gigure for scheduling, marketing and advertising the webinars.  Also thank you to our presenters for the past 3 months: Bryan Sykora, Peter Brehm, Adam Lofquist, Pauline Allison, Jerry Rudick, Paul Richardson, and Ben Marcovitch! 

Have an idea (and content) for a new webinar?  Let me know!



Our financial position continues to get better with every passing month. Because of our roundtable contracts we are the rare non-profit that doesn't have to rely on sponsors or constant fundraising.



Our next team meeting is scheduled for May 10, 9:00 AM - 12:00 pm. Still working on a location. More to come.


Thank you to all our volunteers. It's been an amazing 4 years. We continue to grow and are well positioned for the future.

Art Shore

Executive Director


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