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My career in library work began in 1979 as an assistant in libraries at the University of Iowa. I started at the Law, Mathematics and Biology Libraries. After graduation with a B.A. in English and doing office work for a few years I moved to Boston to attend Simmons Library School, receiving my masters degree in 1987


Working in the circulation/public services side of academic libraries has been my focus since graduation. Keeping the building open, books shelved and hiring staff were my responsibilities. I supervised Circulation, Reference and Inter-library loan departments. Using library systems to accurately keep tack of a variety of due dates, calendars, monitoring the the student/faculty data as each class graduates were some of the areas for which I was responsible.


I worked with a consortium of eight small private college libraries in the Twin Cities who had a joined-catalog system allowing us to borrow materials from each other. This meant working with the other schools to develop agreements for seamless processes.  The support of students in their research and assignment needs as well as supporting faculty research was primarily the the responsibility of the reference department.


I specialized in areas beyond the academic library of interest to me were fact-checking junior and high school text books, verifying that all facts were correct or errors were exposed.  Additionally, I monitored newspapers and scholastic journals for health effects related to electro magnetic fields for Robert Banks Associates.


As a member of Minneapolis Business Mentors, I can help you with your research needs.



  • Research

  • Fact checking

  • Administration


  • Library Systems - circulation module with knowledge of technical services 

  • University of St Thomas

  • St. Olaf College

  • Boston College Law Library